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2D Suite

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PLAXIS 2D is a finite element package intended for the two dimensional analysis of deformation and stability in geotechnical engineering. It is equipped with features to deal with various aspects of geotechnical structures and construction processes using robust and theoretically sound computational procedures.

With PLAXIS 2D the geometry of the model can be easily defined in the soil and structures modes, after which independent solid models can automatically be intersected and meshed. The staged construction mode allows for simulation of construction and excavation processes by activating and deactivating soil clusters and structural objects. The calculation kernel enables a realistic simulation of the non linear, time dependent and anisotropic behaviour of soils and/or rock. Since soil is a multi phase material, special procedures allow for calculations dealing with hydrostatic and non hydrostatic pore pressures in the soil. The output consists of a full suite of visualization tools to check the details of the 2D underground soil-structure model.

Typical PLAXIS applications include: assessing street level displacements during the tunnel construction, consolidation analysis of embankments, soil displacements around an excavation pit, dam stability during different water levels, and much more.

PLAXIS 2D is a user friendly geotechnical program offering flexible and interoperable geometry, realistic simulation of construction stages, a robust and reliable calculation kernel, and comprehensive and detailed post-processing, making it a complete solution for your daily geotechnical design and analysis.

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