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By now, you should have received our New Year's Deal message on the eco-friendly letter. This letter is also an invitation to join our Facebook Photo Contest.
All you have to do is to send your best photo (see rules).
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Upward Motion Pipeline

The user interface of PLAXIS 2D AE has been restyled to follow the flexible and easy to use workflow of the PLAXIS 3D program. In this new graphical user interface the geometric modelling and staged construction is integrated allowing for quick and...  

Plaxis is the name of our company as well as our brand name. Under this brand name we supply a range of geotechnical software tools, courses, seminars and expert services all targeted at the world of geotechnics, geo-engineering and civil engineering.

Our software is based on the finite element method and intended for 2-Dimensional and 3-Dimensional geotechnical analysis of deformation and stability of soil structures, as well as groundwater and heat flow, in geo-engineering applications such as excavation, foundations, embankments and tunnels. Our courses and seminars focus on knowledge transfer rather than on learning how to use Plaxis software. With our Expert Services we help customers with complicated modelling issues and expert advice.
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